The Ultimate Crafting Assistant for Everquest II - v.6.01

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EQ2 Crafting, quick and easy to use macro

Price:  $39.95

Runs on any PC. The Ultimate Crafting Assistant is a program we wrote for crafting in Everquest II. This tool is pretty refined and will usually craft better than I can by hand. It has all the features our most avid crafting customers requested that have been added over time. Unlimited recipes, intelligent event countering, multi-stage crafting, stop and alert functions, low health and low power checks, user profiles, quality control system, support for custom user interfaces and much more. A built in notepad for crafting notes. If you are looking for help crafting in EQII this is the tool for you.

Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7

*** 6.0 is Updated for Chains of Eternity ***

PC Game Tools is proud to present our Ultimate Crafting Assistant for Everquest 2, the premiere crafting macro / bot for EQ2! We have added 8 new features that we think will satisfy even the most demanding crafter, including support for custom user interfaces, unlimited customizable recipes, a self-buffer, durability countering and much more! This tool has been refined over 5 years and is based on all the input from our fantastic customers who wanted more than control over their crafting experience. We invite you to review our full list of features below.

  • Simple one time setup that saves all your settings so you can start with 1 click. We've streamlined the setup process even more for the Ultimate with our exclusive Pixel Viewer that lets you easily grab any color off the screen.
  •  EQ2 Crafting Bot Free Demo!Intelligent crafting event countering that watches for an event and then searches your hot bar for the matching buff to counter it. To accomplish this task, we have developed our exclusive EverQuest II Crafting Script Free Demo!scanning system. With this revolutionary technology you don't even have to assign hot keys or choose what knowledge to use like alchemy or tailoring. The tool automatically adjusts on the fly to what you are doing. Simply walk up to a crafting station and start crafting. If the proper buffs are on your hot bar it will find and use them! Works with all knowledges and will adapt to future icons on the fly.
  • "Tell" Alert function that will play a sound, pop up a message and stop crafting until you tell it to resume, or optionally log out if you receive a message.
  • "Camp when complete" function that will log you out when finished or out of ingredients.
  •  Built-in notepad to keep up with important numbers, names or recipes. The notepad can be saved and retrieved from any of our tools that have it. Each profile saves it own notes along with it so your tailor can have their notes, and your armor smith can have theirs.
  • Shortcut to calculator so it is easy to get to when you need to do some number crunching.
  •  Monitor Window. A small unobtrusive monitor window that sits on your title bar and displays what the tool is currently doing.
  • Auto-update feature. Just click a button and you'll see if your tool is the most updated version. You'll then be given a choice to update or keep what you have.
  • NEW in 5.0!  Windows 7 / Vista Desktop composition support. It should just "work" right our of the box. 
  • NEW in 5.0!  Better event countering with support for custom icons.
  • NEW in 5.0!  Resume so you can just start crafting an item and the UCA will take over for you. 
  •  Smaller, Faster and Better Looking. Many tweaks and changes were made to this version to polish it up for its 6th year anniversary. 
  •  Better support for custom user interfaces like the latest Profit UI and more. You can set every location check as needed so it should adapt to any new interfaces that come out in the future. Still auto calibrates the default ui with one click. There is also an import feature.
  •  Completely new look that uses a small monitor window like our other tools to display what is happening.
  •  Backup and Restore features to backup your settings.


Everquest II Crafting Macro and guide. Free demo so you can be crafting in minutes.

Everquest 2 Crafting Macro, simple and easy to use.

  • Auto Calibrate for the default crafting window. Start crafting with a single click.
  • Adjustable number of buffs to cast during crafting from 1 to 3. Also good for raising your skill if you need to. Set to 3 to spam them constantly for skill gain or set to 1 or 0 and let it intelligently counter the others.
  • Stop and Alert Functions that will alert you or camp when it completes your order.
  • "Wait on Health" function to rest and wait for your health if you choose.
  • "Wait on Power" function to rest and wait on your power if you choose.
  • Customizable window title you can name anything you like.
  • Customizable Event Countering  so you can decide how fast your tool will craft. This feature is for times when an event may pop up suddenly right after one has just happened. Many crafters find it more important to hit a buff rather than counter it, but at places like the forge, countering every event may mean the difference between life and death. This feature gives YOU the power to control how the tool will craft.
  • Emergency Health Stop also added by customer request. From time to time, even the best crafter may take a big health hit in the middle of an item. If you'd rather just stop and try, try again after you've rested, this feature is for you! If you activate this option, you will automatically stop crafting if your health goes to orange or red. Combined with our "Wait for Health" feature, you should be able to keep crafting to your heart's content!
  • Durability Countering Buffs You can specify certain buffs to use if the durability drops below a certain level, instead of the normal buffs. Good for those power soaking durability buffs. When the durability drops it will start sending the durability buffs instead of the normal and build it back up.
  • Self Buff Timer that will recast buffs on you between crafting items. Great for Breeze, pet sap spells or self armor buffs. Fully customizable.
  • "Lag-O-Meter" that will allow to you to speed up or slow the tool down for your environment.
  • Includes a Detailed Help File that covers every feature of the tool in depth.

EQ2 Crafting App - Free demo! The Crafting Assistant.

Ultimate Crafting Assistant Custom User Interface Support

You can also use custom user interfaces like "Profit" with the Ultimate Crafting Assistant for EQII. You can calibrate each check that is performed and even tweak the color variances and search area.  This should allow it to work with any crafting interface that comes out in the future as well as those that in use now.  With the default user interface you can just click auto calibrate and usually start crafting.  With a custom user interface you have to set each location manually the first time but once saved you can relocate the crafting window as needed.


eq2 auto crafting bot. Sets up in minutes.

  • NEW! Expandable recipe window that lets you use as many or as few recipes as you like. Choose 5 or 50 and it grows as needed.
  • Multi-step crafting that lets you choose any amount and any quality for each recipe. When it completes the first recipe it will move on to the next if more than one chosen.
  •  Unlimited Fully Customizable Recipes. Each recipe has its own Quantity and Quality settings along with descriptions and key settings. Save them for later use and enable / disable them when you need to.
  • Quality Control. We have now added a Normal Quality Setting in addition to the existing Crude, Shaped and Pristine for crafters doing writs that require that quality. You can now craft all 4 levels automatically. 

Recipe window showing 5 recipes in windows 7:

 EQII crafting script - Auto craft


Recipe window showing 12 recipes in windows 7:

Everquest 2 auto crafting bot

  •  Unlimited User Profiles that allows you to have different settings for each character.   All their notes and settings are saved to their own profile. Load them up with one click and start crafting.
  • EQII Crafting Bot

 Everquest 2 crafting macro

  • Notepad for your crafting notes. You can have as many notes as you like and they are saved to your profile. So your armor smith will have their own notes and your tailor will have theirs.
  • Calculator shortcut so you can add up your supplies quickly. 

Everquest 2 Crafting Macro

Downloads, Upgrades & Support:

When you purchase a tool you have free upgrades, support and downloads for one year. You get to keep the tool, of course. It's yours and will continue to work indefinitely. We do not shut it off. You should back up your serial numbers and downloads within the year's time. 

After the first year, you can purchase extended support for as low as $10 for 90 days. Any support purchase covers all your items, including all previous purchases. Alternatively, any time you purchase a new tool, the support term is automatically extended to one year from the date of that purchase for every tool you own on that day. For example, you purchased a Boxin' and Control Assistant three years ago, then buy a Twist Assistant today, all three tools would be extended to one year from the day you bought the Twist Assistant. This same plan also allows you to upgrade all tools that you have purchased for as little as $10 for a 3-month plan, or you can keep up with all your upgrades for a year at a discounted price. 

We tried to make the plans as generous as possible, while still making it worthwhile to maintain the tools on an ongoing basis. The support plans help us offset the cost of maintaining the tools, reactivating game accounts after a patch, and maintaining the website here year after year. We appreciate the continued support of all our loyal customers!

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